Cooling Tower Louvers from MB Group

Cooling Tower Louvers from MB Group

MB Group is one of the leading and largest import and suppliers of all types of domestic and imported cooling tower louvers in Egypt at the lowest prices and the highest quality.

We produce all types of cooling towers louvers, and all cooling towers accessories, and provide all types of models of cooling towers louvers with low prices and high quality to ensure the highest level and efficiency based on the capacity of the tower, and the choices of our customers

Here you will find details about cooling tower louvers

what is louvers in cooling tower?

''Louver called drift eliminator'' is made of solvent-glued sheets of self-sealing, thermo plastic PVC.

When used in cooling towers it prevents water droplets from leaving the unit and blocking the inlet of unwanted substances.

Inlet vents play an essential role in reducing and maintaining sound.

Air Inlet Louver and Fiberglass Siding.

Sunlight escapes, discouraging algae growth in the cooling system.

Air Inlet Louvers prohibits the light of the sun from entering the cooling tower basin.

Its duty is control and orientation of air which enter tower to fill

The unique designed with two changes of direction, offering high mechanical strength and properties, the materials used provide the highest level of protection against chemicals, deterioration and exposure to weather.

Crossflow cooling towers with outboard water inlets and integral inlet louvers handle very high turndown rates.

Technical Data of MB Group Louvers for Cooling Towers

Product Code: E Louvre

Depth of ventilation holes: 65 mm

Material: Self-extinguishing PVC that meets ASTM Standard E-84 and CTI 136

Thickness before forming: 500 microns.

Main Features

- Self-extinguishing.

- Lightweight and easy to move.

- High mechanical strength.

- Resistant to chemical decomposition- and biological attack.

- Keeps sunlight out.

- Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

- Low pressure drops.

- Maximized airflow.

- Counter Flow.

- suitable for fitting.

- water splash-out and debris while also improving .

- face to keep water in the confines of the tower.

- Including air treatment.

- good splash-out performance compared to industry-standard louver design.

- air intake louvres prevent water splashes.

- Reduce noise pollution.

- Installing air inlet louvers helps control the growth of algae.

blades that permit the flow of air but inhibit the passage of water or other elements

- rigid and durable with a variety of lengths available for any specific installation need

- Our cellular inlet louvres improve the air flow into the cooling tower, They not only hold back unwanted elements.

- Cooling Tower Louver Installation.

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MB Group is one of the largest import and supply of all type of domestic and imported cooling tower air purifiers in Egypt at the lowest prices and the highest quality.

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