cooling towers maintenance - Best prices from MB Group

cooling towers maintenance - Best prices from MB Group

MB group Offers cooling towers maintenance , MB group also Offers All Cooling towers services , You Can buy whole new one , But if you only need cooling tower repair , you can call us Now 

- We also cover all essential machinery Parts And equipment For your system such as providing  ((cooling tower filler - cooling towers mist arrester - cooling towers water sprinklers - cooling tower drift eliminatorscooling tower fans - cooling tower motors - cooling tower nozzles - Cooling Tower Louvers ))   preventive parts service for commercial and All Kind of industrial Buildings including smart solutions.

what is out plan in cooling towers maintenance  ? 

- in our program, we First inspect to make sure we Know all Un working parts and ensure where to start 

- after inspected the tower, we often clean all good parts to maintain it's Good performance and to prevent any sooner damage, and we use high quality disinfected chemical products by our trained Experts  , keeping bacteria away for protecting your good parts 

- after we make sure that all mechanical are cleaned we start our repairing to increase tower health according to our plan  

- we also make sure that there's no lack in your projects , with deep look in minimum time 

Mb considers as one of the best cooling tower repair companies in Egypt, with the most experienced work staff ,based on many years of experience  

How many times we can tower's ?

 we will offer our Effective service and repairs all Types & inspections regularly monthly or once a year as you wish to make sure of your tower's efficiency, and protect it from any issues in future, and provide all require and important parts .

we also give all tips in how to control it and best practices and technologies , and common Critical risk you will face and how to reduce it with basic and general knowledge.

If any one needs more information you can check for the The earliest date is available inspection By calling our Team as on : - 

you also must check our clients reviews about our reliability , you will like & see our technicians routine importance

How to contact MB Group or schedule a technical Visit ? 

visit our Address: 44 El Batrawy Street, off Abbas El Akkad, Nasr City - Cairo - Egypt

Or avoid wasting time, Phone number today : - 01003280801 - 01143851685

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Fax number: 202 - 26 24 17 22

MB Group is one of the largest import and supply company of all type of domestic and imported cooling tower air purifiers in Egypt in this industry at the lowest prices and the highest quality and it's installation you can use maintaining protection in every step of your steps in any components safety .

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